The Movies

I’m kind of a movie buff and I’ve seen way too many of them for a guy my age. This page is dedicated to movies I thought were worth taking a look at. Keep in mind though, my tastes are varied and sometimes a little grotesque. You’ve been warned! All movies I’ve reviewed will be posted here and most of them will be foreign or little-known hidden gems.

City of Life and Death ( 2009, China)

This is a powerful, disturbing look at one of the greatest tragedies of modern history, the Rape of Nanjing during the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. It’s brutal and moving at the same time.

Zombi (1979, Italy)

This movie is an absolute gore fest. If you’re a fan of campy horror then don’t miss this classic.

Tintorera: Killer Shark (1977, Italy)

Corny to the extreme with a story that will leave you wondering how someone could be so cruel as to put this out into the populace. It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy this one. Look at it as a test of character!

The Reef (2010, Australia)

What can I say? I love shark movies. I don’t believe this one is available outside of Australia yet though so you’re going to have to find it on the internet. You remember that movie “Open Water?” Well this is like that if it had been done right.

Curse of the Golden Flower (2006, China)

Political intrigue, assassination with a little incest thrown in to spice things up. Oh boy! That’s all it takes to make a winner in my opinion. Plus Gong Li is super hot.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001, United States)

One of the greatest science fiction movies I’ve ever seen. A robot child looks for parental love from his adoptive mother over the course of centuries. Warning. You will cry.

As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (2001, Germany)

A German soldier gets captured by the Soviets during World War 2 and spends several years in a gulag before escaping. Then it takes several more years for him to walk home through enemy territory to get back to his wife and kid. A modern Odyssey.

Legends of the Fall (1994, United States)

A fantastic epic drama of 2 brothers crushed by guilt after the death of their youngest brother in World War 1 and the tragedies that ensue.

Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996, United States)

Ah, good old fashioned racist comedy. If you’ve got thin skin then pass this one up.

The Proposition (2005, Australia)

A western tale of revenge and cruelty in colonial Australia. Ray Winstone and Guy Pierce give great performances.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004, South Korea)

Two brothers get dragged into the Korean War and eventually torn apart. A real eye opener into the impact of the conflict on the people of South Korea.

The Descent (2005, United Kingdom)

Great horror movie with plenty of genuine scares. Some ladies decide to go cave diving but end up in one that’s never been fully explored and, surprise surprise, there’s monsters.

Shogun Assassin (1980, Japan)

This movie is compiled from the first 2 Lone Wolf and Cub movies so it has all the action and none of the bs. Lots of samurai action and blood spurts.

Road to Perdition (2002, United States)

An American version of Lone Wolf and Cub except with gangsters. Pretty awesome.

The Host (2006, South Korea)

Good creature feature with a some political commentary. Gotta love the unconventional monster design.

Shiver “Eskalofrio” (2008, Spain)

I originally thought this was a vampire movie or something but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.

REC and REC 2 (2002/2009, Spain)

“Found footage” style of films that will scare the pants of you. The series has an interesting take on the zombie genre that you probably won’t be expecting.

High Plains Drifter (1973, United States)

One of the best westerns ever made. The apparition of a murdered sheriff returns to the town that betrayed him and gets his revenge.

Prey “Proie” (2010, France)

Apparently there’s a whole genre of boar horror movies. I didn’t know that. Anyway, this one is very good. Wild boars get mutated by some faulty fertilizers and run attack some guys out hunting.

Born Invincible (1978, Taiwan)

This might just be my favorite kung fu movie of the 70’s. There’s a bad guy who is completely invulnerable accept for one spot which he can move around his body at will and the good guys have to take him and his goons on. Awesome.

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985, Italy)

This is not for the faint of heart. An expedition crashes in the middle of the Amazon rain forest and they have to make their way to safety through tribes of cannibals and outlaws. Super corny but enjoyable. Plus there’s a lot of boobs in it. 😉

The Road Home (2000, China)

A touching film about a young woman in love with the new village teacher in the wake of the communist victory during the Chinese Civil War.

Mongol (2007, Germany/Kazakhstan/Mongolia/Russia)

 This movie is a semi-historical drama about the rise of Genghis Khan from a lowly outcast to the master of the steppes. Relies more on drama and storytelling than action sequences.

The 9th Company (2005, Russia/Finland/Ukraine)

Soviet soldiers go through brutal training and end up fighting in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion in the 1980’s. Based on the Battle of Hill 3234.

The Foot Fist Way (2006, United States)

Danny McBride is hilarious and he has a subtle sense of humor in this film, almost like Napoleon Dynamite. He’s a teacher at a martial arts school even though he knows almost no martial arts. It’s brilliant.

Watership Down (1978, United Kingdom)

A heroic fantasy starring rabbits? What??? A group of rabbits have to flee their home when humans begin developing the area but the world is a dangerous place for a rabbit.


  1. You actually have some movies here that I love… Curse of the golden flower… the Kung fu movies… I might have to steal this format and add good Asian movies page to my website… Thanks for the idea…

  2. These are good movies. You have great taste, especially in war films. Some I have never watched before. Have you seen Saving Private Ryan? I see that its not on your list.

    • Saving Private Ryan is fantastic but everyone knows that movie. Even here in China. This list is mostly intended to highlight little known movies in America or cult films. Anyway, I’m glad you like the list!

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