My Other Sites




My Old Blog– I haven’t gotten around to fixing the formatting that got messed up on the older posts when I imported them so you might like to just check them out here.

Flickr Stream– I have photos of my last trips to China along with some other stuff. Comments are always welcome!

Facebook– Friend me if you like. But don’t be one of those weird friends that you never hear from after being added.

Follow Me on Twitter!– I usually just post links to new updates or articles I come across. It’s still best to just subscribe to me though since I forget about tweeting sometimes.

Sina Blog– Chinese blog I’ve been working on in my spare time. The website is a little counter-intuitive for Westerners but I’m giving it a shot.

Weibo– Weibo is like a Chinese Twitter/Facebook. It’s usually just me and Jen flirting back and forth but if you’ve got one then feel free to add me up!

Peace Through Victory– A new blog I’ve started to talk about military stuff, technology, and conflicts.

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