Posted by: beaufortninja | October 8, 2011


As I’ve alluded to before, I’m really interested in this “pseudo-science”. It’s awesome. And I found a really interesting site that I thought I’d share. It’s called American Monsters but covers cryptids from all over the world. A lot of people don’t believe in these things but many creatures that were believed to be fictional, extinct or mythical turned out to be real. An example is the Coelacanth, a prehistoric fish thought to have vanished millions of years ago. Even gorillas, the native people told legends about the hairy people who lived in the mountains and Western explorers didn’t believe them until they actually found them in the jungle in 1902.

What’s so crazy about thinking there might be a large, intelligent humanoid creature living in North America or that there might be some prehistoric animals living in vast stretches of unexplored land? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me and anyone who presumes to know for a fact that some fantastic creatures don’t exist needs to have their head examined. Those are probably the same people who think that our planet, out of the trillions of worlds in the universe, is the only one to support intelligent life.

The Patterson Footage is very controversial. A man came out claiming to have worn a gorilla suit for the filming but extensive analysis of the gait, anatomy, and movement of the “bigfoot” has baffled scientists and they have deduced that it is a real hominid creature, not a man pretending in a suit. Guess you’ll have to watch the footage and make up your own mind about it. While you may have seen this image before, you probably haven’t seen the following images. I tried to find the more convincing ones from a variety of creatures, some that are still unknown to science and some that have been proven to exist.

In order of appearence is the Sasquatch (bigfoot) and it’s regional variants like the Yeti, Skunk Ape and Grassman. The Japanese Ningen. The Chupacabra. A statue of the ethereal Mothman. Giant Squid. Remains of mystery sea creature, doesn’t look like a whale to me. Black Beast of Exmoor. Malphrus-Cameron Village Sewer Blob. Maltese Tiger. Thylacine.

Some of those were myths but actually turned out to be real! Food for thought? Let me know what you think about the possibility of some of these animals existing!


  1. Solve this one, it washed up in my backyard

  2. Decomposed snub-nosed canine. BOOM. What else you got for me?

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