Posted by: beaufortninja | August 8, 2011

It’s a Mad Mad Mad World #4

Seems like every time I open the news the world just gets crazier and crazier. First off, let’s get the hottest issue out of the way.

1. S&P Downgrades US Credit– This was inevitable. The US government was broiled down in its stupid political posturing and just as a good debt ceiling/spending cut plan was being put up to vote guess who sabotages it? The Tea Party, or as I like to call them “The Harbingers of Doom.” These jerk-offs think that by taking the country hostage they can get their way. They failed and their gamble cost this country a AAA credit rating. In the short term that means that interest rates will go up and Wall Street is going to crap its pants but in the long term it damages America’s ability to lead on the international stage and other countries will start to find a new reserve currency. And now the Democrats are talking about firing the Treasury Secretary, the guy who told them there would be major consequences if the government didn’t curb spending, when it was obviously the fault of the political parties. Ain’t politics fun?

2. Navy SEAL Chopper Crash– I wake up and the first thing I read in the morning is about how 30 US Special Forces soldiers and 7 Afghan commandos die in a helicopter crash. WHAT!? They had gone into a battle to help out pinned down US Rangers and were on their way back to base when they were shot down by a Taliban rocket. I believe there were 22 hyper elite Navy SEALs from the same team that killed Osama bin Laden. In case you don’t know, these guys are the most elite soldiers to ever exist. Better than Spetznaz, better than SAS, better than anyone. Their training is among the toughest in the world and lasts for up to 30 months. All that time, effort, and money it takes to train one man and then he dies in a helicopter crash. Such a waste. A sad waste of brave men. If there’s one thing I know about the US military it’s that they won’t let this slide. That entire region will be crawling with NATO soldiers and I can guarantee that there’ll be a suspiciously low number of captured insurgents and no one will ask any questions about it. That’s the way it works and that’s the way it should be.

3. 91 Killed in Norway Massacre– A little late but I’ll talk about it anyway. A psycho sets off a bomb in the capital city that kills a couple people and then he goes to a children’s camp on an island, dressed as a police officer, and kills 84 people. 91 dead in all. That’s so absurd it boggles the mind. You know how many people that is? All because he claimed to be trying to start a continent wide revolt against multiculturalism. He even wrote a manifesto, which I read part of, and he stole large swaths of it from the Unabomber and then proceeded to fill up 1500 pages with verbal diarrhea. He had no writing talent whatsoever. And now, with the way Norway’s laws are, the most he could be sentenced to is 21 years in prison since they don’t have the death penalty. Sure, they could re-sentence him in 5 year increments but that doesn’t fix the problem. Europe likes to think that they don’t have any crazy people. That all the criminals are in the US. Their legal system is not designed for the sickest of the sick like Anders Breivik, Wolfgang Priklopil or Josef Fritzl. Burying your head in the sand and pretending that your little part of the planet is sane and perfect when it’s really home to some of the craziest people the world has to offer is only going to make it worse. I say make an example of this guy. Punish him to the extreme and let all the world see the consequences of his actions. He should die as he lived. Violently and without mercy.

4. Famine in East Africa– Africa could not have chosen a worse time to be needy. The continent is home to just over a billion people when really, it’s sustainable population is probably only half of that. Weak governments, stupid people, poor farming practices, and plain old bad luck have combined to turn this into a huge disaster. The government of Somalia, the hardest hit country, is in the middle of a civil war with the radical Muslim terrorist group, al Shabaab, who refuses to let aid agencies into the country but doesn’t have a means of helping the people on its own, especially since they’re losing the war. Africans still haven’t figured out that food is often scarce and that when you have a baby you have to feed it. They just can’t seem to grasp this concept. So a woman has 7 kids, which is amazing because the birth mortality rate is ungodly high, then a famine comes around and all her kids die. How could she not see that coming? Birth control, people. It’s your friend. Just writing about this is making me angry. Where’s the African Union in all of this? They were talking a big game when it came to the intervention in Libya but they’ve been remarkably silent on this issue. Why is that?

5. China Continues to Support Sudan– This is China’s shame. They knowingly cozy up to Omar al-Bashir, a man who ordered the deaths of thousands of his own people. Let me fill you in if you’re checking me out from behind the Great Firewall. The northern government-backed Arab Muslims have been committing genocide against the southern Christian/Animist Africans since 2003. Some 330,000 civilians have been killed and nearly 3,000,o00 have been displaced. Sudan is under numerous sanctions but China still continues to do business with them. Why? Oil. Sudan is China’s 5th largest oil supplier and so it’s willing to look the other way. And Chinese people either don’t know about it or know about it and don’t care. World governments won’t soon forget this.

Times are looking grim these days.


  1. Anders brevick should rot in his cell and sleep on a stone floor and strarved to death in my opinion and suffer a slow painful death as did of those poor inacent youths did poor guys as my with the griving families at this time

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